What we do: collaborative delivery


The Current Situation

Healthcare managers and executives are faced with a wide variety of challenges:

  • Ensuring patients come to no harm
  • Delivering effective outcomes
  • Against a backdrop of shrinking budgets and rising expectations
  • Whilst remaining compliant with Government mandates

Trusts generate a lot of raw data in the normal course of day-to-day activities.  However, Trust executives and managers often lack the means to transform this mass of raw data into concise, accurate, actionable information

NHS Innovation and Improvement said it best:  ‘Knowing How We’re Doing’ is the foundation stone.

Actionable information is what’s needed to begin and sustain a continuous improvement programme.  Using the Deming Cycle of Plan, Do, Study and Act as shown in the diagram, knowledge and expertise can be transferred to improve overall performance. Improvements are measured, lessons are learned and the cycle starts again.

What Redwing does is to work in an interactive and collaborative manner with clinicians and managers to deeply understand their needs, issues and problems.

Then – and only then – Redwing creates a service to deliver the information required for clinicians and managers to Know How We’re Doing.

With that business intelligence in hand, people can move forward and address areas of concern to:

  • Improve patient safety
  • Increase the quality of patient care
  • Create operational efficiencies to save money

Redwing is focused on Healthcare Performance.  We provide a range of Informatics products and services, which help to improve effectiveness and efficiency.  Redwing helps Healthcare organisations save money and achieve better patient care.

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