Technical Overview

Technical overview

Our services are cloud-based business intelligence applications for Healthcare organisations such as NHS Trusts in England and Wales.

We consider patient confidentiality and information security to be of paramount importance.

The Client on-site data service.

Overnight, a batch process extracts data from local databases, such as a hospital incident recording system.  This data, and changes to it, are stored in a local pizza-box 1U server supplied by Redwing to the client, as part of the on-boarding process.  (Alternately, Redwing could be authorised to access client data stored on a third-party server. )

The data extracted by Redwing is open to scrutiny.

Anonymisation, pseudonymisation and encryption are applied as appropriate.

Then, there is a data transfer to the Redwing Data Warehouse via Secure FTP.  This occurs within the Health and Social Care (HSCN) network.  The client allows access by Redwing to the data service computer for data transfer and system maintenance.

The Redwing Data Warehouse.

The data is received into a landing zone.

We then create a Single Source of The Truth in our large and very comprehensive data warehouse.

Analytical and data mining algorithms are then applied.  All this happens overnight.

The Cloud information service  e.g. Raven, Oriole.

Read-only reporting and analytics are provided in the daytime, again via the secure HSCN network.  Only authorised users are permitted access.  They see the analytics appropriate for themselves.  A password is required.

Speed of access is important; the expectation is that a web page should appear on the client screen in less than five seconds, and available bandwidth at the client end must provide for this.

Delivery of analytical web pages to the information consumer is via HTTPS for security.

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