Data Protection Notice

Data Protection Notice

Redwing Business Intelligence is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, and has been since October 2013.  Our registration number is ZA0233839.

Our registration notes that we process sensitive classes of information that may include details of patients’ physical and/or mental health, as well as other personal confidential data (PCD) such as racial or ethnic origin, and religious or other beliefs of a similar nature.  We do this so that we may discern patterns in the mass of data that we analyse.

No PCD we hold is released to any person, for any purpose whatsoever, other than via the analytics in the cloud service to which the client (who supplied the data in the first place) has subscribed.

No data is shared with, or will be disclosed to, anyone else, except as required by law.

We are a third-party data processor; we only hold data and process information on behalf of a client (such as an NHS Trust) where patients have already provided consent to that client.  We collect no data ourselves, and we rely on our clients’ assurances with regard to patients’ original consent.

We fully comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Crown Commercial Supplier | Company number 7379498 | Registered Data Controller ZA023839 | VAT number 198 3241 80